Vijay Kumar

Motivational Speaker

Vijay Kumar is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer in  Meerut, India . He teaches that you're the solution (and the problem). He teaches that forever change is a process which works from the inside out. He has unique vision to spot opportunities for growth and excellence in personal and professional life. He is a technology, entertainment, design speaker on Innovation & New Age enterpriser. He also get invited to conducts Corporate sessions in Delhi, Meerut, Gurgaon & Bangalore. And that too many people try and put right the internal matter with external solutions. My Events are Motivation minus the boring Gyaan; & are only that which actually gets needed in life & at work.

His 10 years of experience has been enriched by conducting over a thousand sessions for individuals of all ranks and positions of corporate hierarchy which makes him a preferred choice for various events and  involvement. He has worked closely with leadership teams in many organizations to design and execute company wide initiatives to enhance productivity and employee effectiveness.

Our services cater to a comprehensive range of learning solutions along with High Impact Personal Breakthrough sessions like Motivational Training, Leadership Workshops, Management Development Programs, Goal Setting Workshops, Team Building Training.





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